Creating Balance

Creating balance

I have a tendency to push and push until I hit a wall…and then keep pushing. I LOVE being involved in learning and connecting and creating, which when unbalanced leads to overcommitment and what some people might call “burnout,” particularly as an introvert.

This weekend has felt like the perfect balance between time for myself, and time for and with others. Today I spent some time on my own, some time with the kids, and some time at the barn with Winston.

Winston and I worked completely at liberty (without a rope) in the sand ring for the first time today. I set up an obstacle course and brought him through once with the lead rope, then unsnapped it and just held the rope in my hand unconnected. We had so much fun! He followed along as though we were still in hand, and we even stopped to do some spins and twirls just for fun in between some of the runs. At one point I decided to see if I could somehow catch some of it on video, I reached into my pocket and realized I didn’t have my phone with me, must have left it in the car since I was listening to a podcast on the way to the barn, and until that moment, hadn’t even noticed. It made me realize (and remember) how distracted even just carrying a phone on your person makes you. This is the second time I’ve left my phone somewhere else, and had a deeply connected time with Winston. I think I’ll make this more of an intentional thing moving forward, a way to create balance in my life, and be present with whatever and whomever I am with rather than get distracted by trying to capture it to share later, or by being accessible 24/7, the “new normal” that truly makes me miss the way things once were.

It doesn’t have to be this way though, we have the power to create balance in our lives. We can take a moment to notice, clear the limiting beliefs, and make the choice.

How are you creating balance in your life, with and without technology? At home and at work?

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