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Take the Reins Podcast

You see yourself doing it, and yourself does it”

Stef Ly

So, today I got to listen to the interview I recorded for the Take the Reins Podcast by Nikki Porter—the purpose of the interview is to share a peek into my chapter for the collaborative book that Nikki and Nadine of Informed Equestrian created, Riding Through It: Equestrian Women Tested & Transformed. I am so incredibly grateful, and honoured to be a part of this project.

Riding Through It Book Cover

The morning of the interview, I was nervous that I would say something really dumb, or incoherent, because when I get nervous I sometimes stumble with my words. I noticed those thoughts, and was able to re-framed them before the interview began. I decided that if it happened, that it was OK—that stumbling on my words is actually just a part of who I am, and covering that up with perfectly scripted replies isn’t valuable to the listeners—it’s incongruent to pretend to be someone who is perfect, and always says and does exactly the right things on the first try.

So, when listening to the podcast, I heard myself stumble, and say “you see yourself doing it, and yourself does it.” Instead of feeling bad or embarrassed about it, I laughed, then I played it for my kids, and we were in tears we were all laughing so hard!

That laughter prompted me to make this little meme—humour is important to me, and so is being able to laugh at yourself, and not always take life and adventure so seriously. This IS part of who I am, and instead of trying to hide it or ask to have that part edited out, I’m embracing that moment, and the window into my world that others will get through it.

Meme Image

What did I mean? Visualize yourself where you want to be, and then take action and watch how quickly it happens. “See yourself doing it, and then yourself does it.” Maybe that will become the more memorable way of saying it!

Want to hear more? Check out Episode 81 of the Take the Reins Podcast with Nikki Porter: Grace and Horses.

Our book project has gone to the publisher, and while pre-orders sold out within 24hrs, the book is AVAILABLE NOW for order on Amazon!

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