Starting Over

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”


Sometimes I get caught up in the excitement and desire of new opportunities. I want things to work, even though my intuition, that little nagging feeling in my gut, is nudging me to consider another perspective.

This is how I felt about the beautiful farm that we moved Winston to in July, I REALLY wanted it to work. I trusted the farm owner (still do!) loved what the farm stood for (our values aligned) and met some great people. I was invited to work on a project to support Health Care workers through wellness retreats – how could this experience BE more perfect?!

Well, the main issue, that nagging feeling was me wanting to be there, and a part of the farm and all the incredible events and experiences so badly, that I neglected to fully consider the impact of the distance, and how being a part of something great – while also being a mum and working full time at my day job as a school administrator would be challenging at best during the summer, and well, frankly – impossible once the school year was back in swing. And…let’s not forget the long and winding country roads during Canadian winter.

When we returned from Alberta, and I was back to work – I began to consider how to handle the situation in a few ways. The first, was to look for a house closer to the farm. After looking at prospective homes for purchase or rent – and checking the distance between those houses (being closer to the farm) and work and school for my children, I quickly realized this was no better a plan. The driving would be a barrier no matter how I sliced it.

Next – I started to look for a farm to rent, where Winston could live on property, only a smallish acreage would be necessary – but so would purchasing a second horse as a friend – as it is an essential part of a horses well-being to have horse friends to form a herd. After a few weeks of searching, it was clear that rent on a farmhouse, even with small acreage, plus being able to bring horses, was also looking cost prohibitive.

While looking for a farm rental, I noticed an ad that read that there was a farm with DIY board only 10 minutes from my city centre. Well…I already live a few minutes from there, so it sounded like it might be possible that this far was less than 10 minutes from my home. And…after coming up with no other ideas, I decided to call and ask if there was room for Winston.

Upon arriving at the farm with an open mind, after driving only 7 MINUTES from my house – I was greeted by the lovely farm owner, and made to feel right at home! Then, I found out that Winston would be the only horse there…so we would have to wait and see who else would join, in order to move them together since horses cannot be alone. I decided to surrender – to completely let go of what would happen next. I started to think about moving Winston to the farm, and how it might actually be a perfect time to get a mini horse to partner with for programs with children. My experience in Alberta with the mini and ponies at Healing Hooves had me thinking a lot about that possibility. The farm owners were keen on this idea too – and so we began looking. I did not anticipate what would happen next…stay tuned!

As you can see, the space is quiet and inviting, perfect for clients who want to find peace and calm, just outside the city. I am really looking forward to taking this next directing in our journey. I can’t wait to begin to welcome clients this fall into this beautiful space. As this farm is DIY, it means that this next step will allow me to be much more hands on in the care of Winston, and my future horse(s). It feels like the next step, a bridge between full boarding and owning our own farm. Another training ground, while having two incredible veteran horse women to for guidance when needed.

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