Scope of Practice

Pro-EFW Certification

I am a certification candidate with the Professional Association of Equine Facilitated Wellness (Pro-EFW) in the Learning Professional stream.

Personal Scope of Practice in the Human Services Field

I am an Independent (Waldorf) School Administrator, Certified Equine Assisted Coach through WISE Equine Assisted Coaching, and Personal Transformation Coach with the On The Presence Coaching Program. Additionally, I am a member of the Healthy School Culture Coordinating Team – which includes facilitating support circles with parents and teachers to support students presenting with significant behavioual and/or social issues that are impacting their classroom experience. Other ways in which I support parents and educators is as a Certified Discipline & Guidance Facilitator through Kim John Payne, MEd. and the Simplicity Parenting Program – which entails facilitating programming for parents and caregivers through the Simplicity Parenting model of Discipline & Guidance (also developmental, attachment informed). I am certified to assess risk of suicide in children through the ASK program developed and facilitated by Life Voice. This assessment is initial, and for the purpose of referring the child and family to a professional for support. 

Personal Scope of Practice in Working with Equines

I have been working with horses, learning theory (online learning through University of Guelph and Healing Hooves) and practice (riding lessons, lead and side walker for a local Therapeutic Riding program, and mentorship with a FEEL Certified Practitioner and the WISE Equine Assisted Coaching community). In October 2021 I began to lease my own horse, and purchased that same horse in June of 2022. I take care of the needs of a herd of 7 horses weekly, and from time to time, for a period of weeks in the absence of their owner (3 to 6 weeks at a time). I am very comfortable providing for the herd and my own horse, and ensuring they are well cared for, and time is spent doing things they enjoy, whether training, or resting in one another’s presence – just ‘being.’ Over the past 3 years, I have acquired around 2000 hours of horse experience, and completed a certificate in Equine Facility Management from the University of Guelph. I am currently a member in good standing with Ontario Equestrian, Equestrian Canada and PRO-EFW.

My Personal Scope of Practice in Equine Facilitated Wellness

I am currently a certification candidate with PRO-EFW and plan to become registered in the field of Equine Facilitated Wellness within the Learning Professional stream. Currently, I develop and run programs as an Equine Assisted Coach, providing an opportunity for adults and children to experience connection, joy and self-expression in partnership with horses. 

Level of Expertise TBD by assessment through PRO-EFW upon full certification.

Mission: Partnering with Horses to facilitate personal growth and the development of emotional intelligence and attuned relationships through connection, joy and self-expression.

Vision: All people have the capacity to weather life’s ups and downs, grounded in the knowing that they are loved, just as they are, and that they matter. 

Values: Curiosity, Compassion, and Creativity

Areas in which I am NOT Qualified to Provide Services

It is outside my personal Scope of Practice as a Human Services Professional to work with:

  • I am not qualified as a mental health professional, counsellor or therapist, and will not provide such services.

It is outside my personal Scope of Practice as an EFW Professional to work with:

  • Allow clients to ride the equine at any time, teach or coach mounted work.
  • Run a group session with direct exposure (in a paddock, arena or pasture) without an Equine Professional

I would seek supervision if my client has needs in the following areas:

  • Developmental Diagnosis, such as Autism.

I would refer clients to a qualified professional in the following situations:

  • any time a mental health situation arises that requires the support of a mental health professional.
  • If there was concern related to abuse, or addiction.

Informed Consent

My clients are given information about my scope of practice on my Release of Liability Form. I discuss my Scope of Practice – including my limitations – with all clients. My Scope of Practice will be available on my website and I direct clients to read it.


My practice insurance is provided by CapriCMW Insurance Services Ltd. (as of March 1, 2023 they have partnered with Rogers Insurance to become Acera Insurance).

My current policy covers the following:

  • Ownership/Use of land and buildings used for commercial equine operations
  • Ownership of horses used for personal purposes
  • Ownership/Use of 5 to 10 horses used for commercial purposes
  • Care, Custody and Control of up to 7 non-owned horses ($20,000 Maximum per horse/$250,000 Maximum per Occurrence)
  • Equine Assisted Learning and/or Growth
  • Organization and Operation of Clinics
  • Petting Zoos/Farm Tours