Meditation & Art with The Herd

Dream, of the Freedom Herd, with my mentor Mena and our workshop guests!

We have a culture in which the nourishing, life-giving waters of emotion, empathy, sensory awareness, gut feelings, and other forms of nonverbal awareness have dried up in the heat of our obsessive reliance on all that is light and logical and conscious enough to be mapped, explained, and controlled. Our culture tends to value thought over emotion, logic over intuition, territory over relationship, goal over process and force over collaboration, competition over cooperation. Most people deny and sublimate their feelings, keeping them well below the conscious level until the somatic tension becomes so overpowering that the emotion overrides reason and finally expresses itself, often in violent and self-destructive ways.”

Linda Kohanov

Meditative Art with the Herd provides the space in which presence can be found, emotions can be felt, and intuition can be cultivated.

Grounding Meditation

We begin our sessions with a grounding meditation, taking a moment to find our bearings, and breathe. We choose a card from the horse wisdom deck, and set an intention for the session.

Expressive Art

Through quiet observation, we watch with wonder as curiosity as the horses deliver messages through their state of being, and expression. We take one key message, and transform this through art, into something new. The art then serves as a guide and invitation to self discovery through journaling.

Reflect & Share

At the end our our session, we are invited to share from our experience, and have a meaningful memento to take home to remind us of the wisdom we encountered in the herd, and ourselves.